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Jun 25, 2020 | News

Eclipse has undergone a major transformation.

At the beginning of 2020 we started a major investment and shift in our methodology and how we are positioned in the market, with our partners and most importantly with our customers.

Eclipse has an amazing core team and base of customers, along with a strong history of delivering for our clients.

While we are all living in the very tough world that 2020 has presented us, we were fortunate enough to have timed an investment in our knowledge, our growth and our image to coincide with a very non-typical first half of the year.

With the support of our solution partners we are happy to present the new Eclipse.

Along with a new mission, we will continue our best-in-class service to our customers, deliver value to an end to end IT solution set for our customers to accelerate their business performance and growth.

Figure 5 - Phase IV

At the end of phase 4 the only remaining stations on the CS 1000 equipment were analog patient telephones. In this state the CS 1000 had become completely de-risked and converted into an analog gateway. Realistically the telephony system could remain in this state indefinitely, buying time to evaluate a next-generation system for patient phones that might include migration to a patient-entertainment platform, or migration to lower cost SIP telephones.



Migration – Phase V (End State) 

Phase 5 of the system migration consisted of (please see Figure 6 below):
- Migration of analog telephones to low-cost Cisco SIP phones
- CS 1000 decommissioning

Figure 6 - Phase V (End State)



Depending upon the approved budget, the system migration could be addressed over fewer or more phases than the example in our case study and/or a two-phase de-risk plan could be collapsed into a single de-risk phase if budget permits. As part of the engagement process, Eclipse provides a Statement of Work and an Eclipse Project Manager will provide a project plan that will detail the process steps, governance, tools, and timelines.


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