Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) spend a lot of time and resources exploring innovative ways to stay ahead of their competition. And since increasing revenue while decreasing expenses is a key area of focus for most companies, the implementation of a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution is a positive step toward improving the operational efficiencies of your business.
Wondering how VoIP works? Simply put, VoIP replaces traditional phone lines by driving your voice, video and teleconferencing traffic through the Internet. It was developed to serve as a work-around to combat exorbitant long-distance and international telephone charges and, more recently, has become the phone solution of choice for SMBs.
To simplify how VoIP can positively impact your bottom line, we’ll focus on 5 key categories.

1. Cost reduction
Traditional legacy phone systems are expensive because you are billed by the minute. There are no large upfront expenditures with VoIP services because they connect directly into your existing broadband. It’s an easy-to-manage operational expense (Opex) model, and invoiced based on consumption per user per month; your phone conversations act as data passing through your IP network. Since broadband is easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive, VoIP is appealing to businesses looking to cut costs by using their resources more efficiently. Because these systems can be administered from mobile devices, over the long term you will drastically reduce the need for expensive technical support and training.
• Businesses see average savings of between 50% and 75% after switching to VoIP
• Small businesses that move to VoIP can lower the cost of local calls by up to 40%
• Integrated voice and Web conferencing can result in a 30% reduction in conferencing expenses
• Switching to VoIP can save small businesses as much as 45% each month over traditional phone services

2. Increased Productivity
If you’re an SMB engaging in International Business, VoIP gives you the ability to connect employees around the world on the same secure communications network – increasing productivity across borders, while reducing your IT overhead and international calling costs.

A VoIP telephony solution allows you to remove the boundaries between the desk phone and the mobile phone, saving you time and improving workplace efficiency, which translates into productivity gains. Couple that with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, and you’ve removed the cost of purchasing mobile devices for your employees and eliminated the need to engage your IT staff, allowing them to be productive elsewhere.

3. Improved Collaboration
Collaboration is critical for connecting your people quickly and effortlessly. For a business to function optimally, it requires various forms of communications, such as email, landlines, cellular, conferencing, SMS and voicemail. VoIP improves collaboration by simply allowing individuals to connect over a unified network.
• Ability to transform business processes through interactive video
• Resources are now easily accessible to team members at their desktop or on their smart device
• Expedite deployment – enhance security – reduce IT costs
Video conferencing is invaluable for the growth of your business. The ability to engage staff and customers face-to-face from anywhere in the world while on the go will help establish and nurture relationships.

4. Mobility
Traditional legacy phone systems require you to be sitting at your desk to receive calls and retrieve messages. VoIP gives you the ability to be connected from any device, anywhere, anytime, allowing you the flexibility to work remotely, travel and be connected 24/7. VoIP software can be installed on mobile devices so your employees are always connected and reachable from a desk/work line, even when they’re physically away from the office. Combine this with the ability to have your voicemail messages forwarded to your smart device in the form of an email, and you now have a virtual office wherever you happen to be situated.

5. Scalability/Flexibility
Scalable solutions will save your business money! With a VoIP solution, changes can be made on the fly from mobile devices or a web interface because your system can be administered by your staff – improving response times to changes in your communications needs.
A phone solution running through the company’s Internet means that adding additional lines as you grow will be a simple and inexpensive process.

We’ve just reviewed five very powerful reasons why SMBs should be adopting a VoIP solution. Don’t let the fear of change prevent you from taking your business to the next level. Saving money while improving productivity and collaboration with a mobile and scalable solution will only improve your bottom line.

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