Eclipse Mangaged and Professional Services

Eclipse provides a variaty of managed and professional services to help your business run smoothly. With our high professional team of IT Heros and our strategic partnership with the world’s leaders in technology, we have the perfect solution to help your growing business needs. We are always there for you.


Eclipse Collaboration as a Service.

Enable your users to access applications anytime, anywhere, and at a fixed cost. Take advantage of voice, video, mobility tools, and more.

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Private, Secure, Reliable. It’s That Simple.

eSIP provides many benefits over traditional legacy PSTN connectivity, such as PRIs, allowing you to save money and stay current with today’s technology.

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Run Your Business, Not Your Network

By allowing a trusted partner to manage your network assets, you can control CAPEX and staff levels, leaving you free to focus on key business goals.

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Centralized Device Management.

Seamlessly unify management and control of thousands of mobile and desktop devices in the secure, browser-based Meraki dashboard.

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