Network Health Check
Could your network’s performance be hindering or even debilitating your company’s optimal operational capacity? Find out with a Network Health Check. Networks are dynamic, and over a lifetime they usually experience growth related changes that lead to gradual decreases in performance. We can help you make sure that your network is always helping your business add to the bottom line, rather than detract from it.

VoIP Readiness Assessment
Customer service and technology go hand in hand to create the best version of any business. Deliver convenient, valuable communication abilities for your clients by providing a quality VoIP end user experience. Starting with your networks, we will make sure that the foundations that provide the pathways to deliver client-critical business applications and services are always optimized to deliver that experience. Get rid of topographical network anomalies and deployment hindrances and get down to business.

Wireless Site Survey
The primary step in gaining the most from your LAN (WLAN) investment, our site survey is a critical discovery step in providing optimal coverage for the intended applications. Benefit from the technological expertise of our engineers and our detailed process that covers the solution from both the technological and business perspectives. Whether you are looking to maximize your company’s potential for customer service or improve productivity, the site survey will make sure that we use your current infrastructure to create a better future, for your company and your customers.

Prepaid Technical Support
After investing in a new technology install Eclipse wants you to rest assured that you’ll be able to maximize your IT ROI through proper support for both your employees and clients. We provide easy, affordable access to our experts who will provide you comprehensive, tailored support so you can transition successfully in to your new IT environment.

Remote Services
Recognize and optimize the power of your PBX system as a business building tool that showcases your company’s professionalism and efficiency on a day to day basis. Don’t have a full-time system administrator to deliver the same results as a large corporation? We can help avoid costly delays and unprofessional errors through Eclipse’s Remote PBX & Voicemail Administration service. Easy, simple, scalable.

Specialist on Site (SoS)
Augment your staff’s expertise with our dedicated on site Voice Specialists so you can focus on managing your business, rather than managing your business’ communications systems. Our subject matter experts will work as a member of your internal IT team to consult, design and implement the best telephony solutions for your unique environment. Our level of involvement can be customized to suit your needs. We shape our service around your vision.

Voice/PBX Audit
Maintaining the health of your business’ telecommunications systems is crucial to priming your company for success with both internal and external customers. For this reason, Eclipse has created a simple 3-step process to provide a snapshot of your telecommunications systems as they stand today, make recommendations that best suit your business needs, and optimize the system’s performance and reliability in this service offering.

IT Assist
With Eclipse I.T. Assist Solutions you can:
- Enjoy increased productivity by having less downtime
- Focus on your core business and strategic objectives
- Maximize your IT ROI through Eclipse’s proactive approach to equipment functionality
- Protect your business by ensuring your mission critical information is not compromised
- Safeguard your data with online backup and Disaster Recovery planning services
- Experience immediate hassle free support by making one phone call—our response times are unheard of in the industry, plus we run 24/7/365 so you don’t have to

Project Management
Eclipse prides itself in being an efficient business partner when it comes to managing projects. Our highly experienced project management staff is at your service so you can be at ease knowing that you have a primary point of contact that manages all the resources going into your project. Your dedicated and designated PM will monitor your project schedule and status, ensure risk mitigation and take care of the financial management of your project so that you receive the best customer service experience possible.


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