Private Cloud & Data Centre

In today’s operations, we place a stronger demand for IT services.  With every passing day, technology advances as infrastructure ages; this presents the IT industry with important decisions as to the future of your Company’s Data Centre designs and operations.  These advancements are encouraging a shift in the industry, more and more companies are placing their core networking, and IT services into Hosted Data Centres.

Eclipse is your partner in helping you achieve your Data Centre goals, streamlining your IT practices whilst maximizing costs at the same time.

Eclipse specializes in Data Centre designs helping your organization achieve a Hosted Data Centre model, with the industry’s best Server, Networking, and Data Centre Partners.  Industry calculations show that moving your infrastructure to a Hosted Data Centre, can save your organization up to 50%.  These savings can be seen in areas such as hydro, maintenance, and network services. 

Eclipse Technology’s highly certified staff can help you understand the benefits, cost savings, and technology surrounding Data Centre services.


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