Mobility & UX (User Experience)

As technology continues to be a driver and define how we conduct ourselves daily within our organization it is beneficial for businesses to provide their employees, or customers, with applications and services they require, across any device, and from any location.

 The definition of Mobility is a simple one; “the ability to move or be moved freely and easily” yet how an organization achieves mobility through technology may present challenges.  Eclipse is your partner to help you overcome those hurdles and allow your organization to achieve a mobile solution that fits your organizational requirements.

Today’s workplace is facing a shift, a transformation; employees tend to expect network services that include more than just the typical computer or laptop and network access.  Recent studies have shown that over 80% of millennials (born after the year 1980) prefer a collaborative work-culture, over 70% want a flexible work schedule, and over 85% seek work-life integration.  Eclipse identifies this shift as a critical milestone in the future of technology in the workplace, and specialize in providing solutions to help your organization achieve their mobility goals whilst providing the following technology solutions.

Mobile Device Management & Mobile Collaboration

Voice Over Wireless LAN Deployments

Desktop Virtualization

Connected Mobile Experience (Analytics)

Eclipse will also provide the following services to ensure that your mobile deployment is designed and secured to industry standards and best practices.   Eclipse mobile services include;

Technology Road Map & Design

Security & Data Storage

Flexibile, Reliable & Scalable Networks


Cost Analysis & ROI Strategies

We at Eclipse strongly believe that together we can mobilize your organization which in turn will provide your organization with a stronger employee acquisition and retention rate.  Organizations will experience increased productivity, greater adoption rates, and the ability for your employees to work from any location, in turn increasing employee satisfaction.