Excellence in Technical Support
The reliability of a communications solutions and the ability to respond quickly to emergencies are two critical requirements of most if not all of our customers. We maintain systems for hospitals, municipalities, government and long-term care facilities, and we understand the importance of quick response times 24X7.

Eclipse operates a full Technical Assistance Centre and maintains a “Staging lab” for installations and/or upgrades. This allows us to be able to conduct your system upgrades on our hardware and burn in software and to head off any problems before actually deploying on your system.



Technical Assistance Centre (TAC)
The Eclipse Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) is located at the Eclipse facilities on Dunwin Drive in Mississauga. It has been designed to provide technical support for products from our two main Manufacturer solutions: Avaya/Nortel and Cisco.

The TAC performs the following main functions:

Receipt of trouble calls from our clients. Troubles can be reported in one of three ways: phone call, e-mail or submitted from our Web Portal. Once reported, trouble tickets are opened, diagnosed and either resolved or referred to dispatch for on-site support.

Monitoring of system alarms for clients who opted for the optional remote monitoring service; there, the alarms are analyzed and action taken when required.

Performance of remote system software installation, as requested by our clients.

Performance of remote programming changes, as requested by our clients.

Expert technical support for technicians in the field.

Escalation point for Level 3 Manufacturer support requirements.

Hours of Operation: Hours of Operation: The TAC is staffed 24 hours-a-day from Monday through Friday. On weekends Eclipse continues to be accessible during a 24 hour a day period via our technical on call team. Emergency Response Time commitments are consistent 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Unique Staffing Approach: The Eclipse TAC offers a unique approach, in that it is staffed by qualified technicians. These trained and certified technicians are the first point of entry for support for our clients and they can begin to diagnose a trouble as it is reported, often while the customer is still on the line with us.

This technician-staffed approach is unique in the industry and helps Eclipse to deal with issues immediately and provide solutions without delay. In addition to the staffing approach, we have located our TAC beside the Eclipse Lab facilities. Should issues arise that require more detailed analyses or even problem replication, our technicians have quick access to required tools. Our multi-vendor certifications allow us to also diagnose cross-platform integration issues.


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