Eclipse Hosted Collaboration Solution


We already know that Collaboration is a tool essential to optimizing any business—whether it serves to streamline communications across multiple lines of business, or increases resource efficiency by eliminating the time and cost of business travel. However, despite these advantages, for many businesses, introducing state of the art collaboration technology into existing environments has been a costly undertaking. Specifically, on-premise solutions are costly in terms of capital, physical and intellectual resources, which has made it difficult to capitalize on all the benefits Collaboration has to offer.

So why take Collaboration to the Cloud?
With Eclipse’s new cloud Hosted Collaboration Solution offering, e-HCS, our clients now have the option to access an affordable, easy to deploy and scalable Collaboration solution that comes packaged with our assured expertise and customer service. e-HCS brings added flexibility to all of your IT driven business processes, boosting productivity throughout your organization and maximizing the abounding advantages of business collaboration tools. In addition to helping create the preferred, highly modern and flexible workplace, e-HCS is also cost-efficient. By taking advantage of our cloud collaboration solution, you can eliminate the need to maintain physical servers and the costly support hardware and software that come with them. Plus, with our customizable bundles, you can build, use and pay only for the infrastructure and resources you need – when you need them.

e-HCS is delivered over an MPLS network, and SIP trunking allows for a consistent and seamless user experience. To maximize functionality and value, each Eclipse e-HCS client is configured and deployed as an independent, fully-secured instance within the Eclipse Hosted Collaboration Solution, and benefits from full operational redundancy and flexibility. That means you get all the benefits of a premise-based solution, delivered straight from the cloud. And with Eclipse’s conveniently packed e-HCS bundles, you can choose from three levels of service tailored to your needs.

Call us to learn more about our cloud solution offerings and whether this exciting new technology is a good fit for empowering your business.

Features Included Basic Foundation Standard
Full Voice/Call Control X X X
Unified Messaging X X X
IM & Presence X X X
Desktop Softphone   X X
Smartphone Client   X X
Devices (phones, end-points) X1 X1 X10
Voice Gateway X X X
SIP Trunks & Data Transport X X X
Self-Care Portal X X X
Fully Monitored & Managed X X X


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