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Having a small to mid-sized company doesn’t mean you have to settle for less when it comes to optimizing your business with future-friendly, virtual contact-centre solutions. With Eclipse’s new on demand e-HCC cloud Hosted Contact Centre offering, you can now give your clients the attention and service they deserve, and transform your business and customer service landscape by connecting the right people to the right resources—any time, any place.

Enjoy the power of enterprise-class cloud technology in your organization and reduce costs associated with traditional contact centres. Empower your front-line employees with features such as skills-based routing, real-time monitoring, web callback and call recording, just to name a few. And, to make our feature-rich e-HCC technology more user-friendly for all parties, you can now use e-HCC to engage clients on their channel of choice, simultaneously enlisting your agents anywhere, all while integrating our software with your CRM platform to optimize the delivery of client care, which we believe is the lifeblood of any business.

Our powerful, cloud-based e-HCC software is extremely flexible, quick to deploy and simple to use. And, with Eclipse’s long-standing contact centre expertise, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when we help you go virtual. With Eclipse’s e-HCC solution, you and your clients will have everything you need to cultivate more rewarding customer connections, improve agent performance and enhance contact center operations.

The future of communication is here. What are you waiting for? To see the full feature arsenal, check out all the e-HCC benefits we offer below:



Contact Center

Skills-based Routing
Skills-based routing matches callers with the call center agents who can meet their needs.

Quickly connect callers with agents and streamline customer flow with the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature.

Virtual Queue
Eliminate long hold times. Virtual Queuing lets your callers leave a message and a callback number and get a callback when an agent becomes available.

Direct Agent Routing
Build stronger relationships between customers and agents with Direct Agent Routing. Agents can provide a direct phone number to a customer allowing them close sales and resolve support tickets more quickly, with higher success rates. The feature can also be used to automatically connect callers with the agent they last spoke to, boosting customer satisfaction and accelerating ticket close rates.



Telephony, email, or web chat channels, all in one application.

Desktop Sharing
Give agents a powerful support tool by allowing them to remotely control customer desktops with desktop sharing.

Web Callback
Most customers start their interactions with you on the web. With Web Callback your customers can get access to the people who can help them with the touch of a button without having to wait on hold.


Supervisor / Agent Tools

Agent Supervisor Tools
Stay on top of everything with role-based supervisor tools that help you plan, monitor, react and control every important metric in your contact center.

CTI (computer-telephony integration) “pops” the caller’s information to the agent’s screen as the call comes in so the agent can provide more efficient, personalized service and fast resolution.


Reporting and Monitoring

Call Recording

On-demand or random call recordings help in coaching agents. It’s easy to manage recordings management and retrieval with call center call recording.
Historical Reporting
Spot trends fast with Eclipse Virtual Contact Center historical reporting. Optimize agent performance and improve contact center operations by giving call center managers the information they need to make smart business decisions. Learn more about Historical Reporting.

Real-Time Monitoring
Stay on top of everything with real-time monitoring of your contact center.


CRM Integrations

NetSuite Integration | Salesforce Integration | Zendesk Integration | 8x8 CRM |
Hosted Microsoft Dynamics Integration | Zoho Integration


Workforce Optimization

Quality Management | Workforce Management


Disaster Recovery

Contact Center Continuity
Duplicate your operations with fast and easy failover. Available as a companion service to Eclipse Virtual Contact Center or a backup service for your premises-based call center solution.


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