There was a time when Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization was a dream for medium size enterprises, but today it is only a matter of time until it becomes the rule rather than the exception. Virtualization is the best way to compress the infrastructure and increase the density of your existing Data Center.

If we could sum up the benefits of Data Center Virtualization in one word it would be: efficiency. To get more specific, virtualization drastically heightens the efficiencies of:

Data Center design   IT management
Application and infrastructure advancements   Mobility
Infrastructure utility   Development & deployment flexibility
Data access time   Power & cooling
IT department costs   Disaster recovery

The three major virtual platforms that we support are VM Ware, Microsoft Hyper, and Xen. At the end of the day efficiency is a major driver for your businessís bottom line, so instead of asking yourself how much it will cost to go virtual, ask yourself ďWhatís the opportunity cost if I donít?Ē Call us for an assessment and we can answer both questions, and let you decide.


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