Communication & Collaboration

Whether your workforce is mobile or in the office, collaboration is critical to connecting your people quickly and effortlessly through unified multimedia. And with all the different forms of communication businesses need to function today such as Email, mobile, landlines, voicemail and instant messaging, collaboration is an essential part of streamlining business operations for maximized workplace efficiency.

Elevate your business to function successfully in our technologically globalized world and reap the benefits of unified communications.

Take a proactive and innovative approach to communicating with the people that help your business thrive by making your team available through the client’s preferred channels. Whether it is voice, web chat or email, we keep you connected with the people who matter most.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re operating full-spectrum customer interaction suites and that every customer is consistently taken care of in a timely and professional manner. Ensure the value of each point of contact and maximize employee productivity by integrating inbound and outbound voice applications with internet communications for a multifaceted approach to client care. We know the importance of service to success, so let us help you deliver on your promises to your clients with our customized customer contact solutions.

Unified Communications is the synchronization of all of your communication technologies, including voice, video, messaging, web collaboration, mobility, and contact centre, into one seamless platform with a consistent user interface. A Unified Communications solution is designed to weave efficient communications practices directly into your corporate culture.

HD Video Conferencing

Built-in high-definition video conferencing, eliminating the distance between your employees.

Instant Messaging

Connect with your entire team in an instant, with multi-user chat. 


The mobile client combines SIP-based VoIP and advanced unified communications features into one hosted solution.

One Number

Regardless of what device you are on, you can always be contacted via your single published number.

Unified Adress Book

Unified address book feature integrates all of your contacts – from email accounts, mobile devices, and active directories – into a single user interface.

Email Intergration

Interconnects with many of the leading enterprise email solutions, including Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail, allowing users access to all of their communications.

Contact Centre

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Contact Centre solution empowers your agents and managers with easy-to-use interfaces and management tools.

Web Collaboration

Web Collaboration gives your teams the freedom to easily and seamlessly share presentations, documents, videos and other media.