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The Bill for Cybersecurity: $57,600 a Year
And that’s just for a small business of 50 people. But it is a price that has to be paid. Researchers believe that the cyber-attacks will only increase in severity as we move closer to the virtual business model, making security a huge star in IT’s future. Cyber-insurance policies are becoming more popular as a result, despite the fact that there is still no 100% guarantee that a business won’t get hacked-no matter what the product or price paid for securing IT departments. Interestingly, Bloomberg Businessweek suggests in another article that the biggest threat to security surprisingly enough often comes from inside the company itself. If you want to check out what Bloomberg has to say about employee hackers, take a look at this article as well: Link

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This Canadian company aims to turn virtual desktop infrastructure upside down
In this article Michael Ball (an IT expert with over 25 years of active experience in the field) discusses the history and future of Citrix, Ardence and VMWare in the battle of the virtual desktop as it relates to features such as Management, Access, Performance, and Security (MAPS- a Citrix acronym). Ball examines why the uptake on VDI has been slow with consumers, citing cost incentive, network complexity and application rich media as some of the culprits for the stagnancy experienced by Citrix and VMWare. That is where Toronto company Jentu comes in. Where each of its competitors fails in one of the four “MAPS” categories, Jentu has all bases covered. According to Ball, with Jentu technology, “Management is still centralized. Access to images is local to the provisioning server. Performance is determined by the individual desktop hardware used, and the network connectivity provisioned. Security is ensured through encrypted iSCSCI, as well as security and patch management of centralized images.”

To learn more about Jentu and how they plan to revolutionize the VDI game check out their website here:

Ball promises, that if we haven’t heard of Jentu already, we will be hearing about them very soon as they step into the VDI spotlight!

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