SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) are continually searching for ways to increase revenue while decreasing expenses. One proven method for achieving this is by improving workplace productivity. How do you improve workplace productivity? It’s very simple……you improve employee productivity. You’re likely thinking this all sounds wonderful, but how is this possible? Although there are myriad strategies in existence, there is one that is often overlooked – voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

Workforce mobility is ensuring that your employees are never out of contact with customers when they’re away from their desk. The advent of VoIP as part of your unified communications is positively altering the business landscape, allowing employees to work remotely by erasing the boundaries between your office phone and their mobile phone. Working from home often complements an employee’s lifestyle and eliminates long commute times, leading to reduced stress and improved productivity. Add to this the ability to connect to the company network with a mobile device and your employees can now work while on the go – anywhere – anytime.

Streamlining communications through improved collaboration is made possible by incorporating a VoIP telephony solution as part of your unified communications approach. Upgrading to an intelligent phone system provides many value-added features and benefits you don’t get with an archaic analog system.
Benefits include:
• Allowing individuals to connect over the same network
• Video-conferencing services and shared-screen collaboration
• Voicemail-to-email transcription – removing the need to be continually checking for new messages
• Eliminating expensive long-distance calling plans
• Ability to be connected remotely 24/7

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies are proving effective in increasing productivity by giving employees more freedom over how and where they work, which increases employee satisfaction. And we all know that content employees are more efficient employees. By removing the cost of purchasing mobile devices for employees, businesses can essentially eliminate the need to engage IT staff for the implementation and initializing of new mobile devices, which saves time and money. With the ability to add VoIP to mobile devices using specified software programs, more organizations are adopting the technology so their employees can always be connected. 24/7 connectivity translates to longer work hours, faster customer response times and increased productivity.

In a world where communication expectations are exceedingly high, it’s paramount for businesses to stay abreast of technology that will help catapult them ahead of the competition. The plethora of features and benefits afforded through a unified communications solution could very well be the differentiator for your business.

If keeping your workforce happy and efficient while staying ahead of the competition is part of your business objectives, contact Eclipse today for guidance on how to get started.